Yoga & Sound Healing

Blessings & Namaste!


Mariah is a Certified Yoga Instructor who studied at the Sivananda Yoga ashram in the Bahamas. She's been practicing yoga for much of her life. She radically transformed her relationship with her body after yoga became a part of her life. As a child she played various sports, including being a catcher in softball. As you may know, many sports can bring the body out of balance rather than in balance. Yoga on the other hand works to bring balance to the body (physically), mind (mentally) and spiritually. She suffered from back pain the last few years of high school and into college and began practicing yoga and healed herself of daily chronic back pain.The benefits of a yogic lifestyle truly and profoundly helped her in more ways than one. THe practice and these mantras that resonate with her, has helped her in connecting more deeply with her body, herself & others and the Divine. She will always be eternally grateful for the knowledge of these practices in her life.

Mariah's yoga class focuses on proper alignment, fluid movement and presence. The class tends to be really great for those that are new to yoga and needing a more therapeutic effect, as well as still encouraging and beneficial to those that regularly practice. There is a strong focus on breath as she believes that breathing in and out of each pose is as important as the posture itself. She also teaches qigong and often will incorporate qi gong movements throughout her classes to help soften the tissues, relax the nervous sytem and allow energy to move throughout the body to where it is needed most.

She is a certified sound healer and enjoys sharing sound practices in her classes. She will often play her shruti box, ( ancient Indian instrument that has a very soothing and relaxing energy to it) while sharing chants or mantras with the class. A shruit box, is an earlier version of the harmonium and it provides a drone like quality.She uses this instrument as a means to practice tones and mantras for opening and balancing the chakras (main energy centers in the body), vocal practices and devotional chants or musical composition.

Mariah strive to help guide my students to achnowledge and look at what is present in their body's or mind in a very loving way. Learning to listen to our own internal "rhythms" and body's needs. She hold space for students to feel welcomed & comfortable, no matter their skill levels, and offer modifications to suite everyone's needs. Her purpose in class is to help guide her students to feel Healthy & Empowered in their body's as well as come back to that Peaceful center within themselves. Mariah teaches Chair yoga for seniors in Eugene and is preparing to offer a class online via zoom.