About Mariah

Come Back to that Peace and Joy Within Yourself!

Mariah is a Certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner & Teacher, Reiki Master, Theta healer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Qi gong teacher and certified Sound & music healer via CIIS(California Institue of Integral Studies) in San Francisco, Ca.

Mariah's private practice is in Eugene, Or. where she offers classes and Individual sessions as well as weekly Skype/Zoom & phone sessions. She has been a practitioner within the healing arts for the majority of her adult life. She was drawn to the healing arts as a way to heal herself and to support her desire to help others heal. She believes in everyone's ability to heal and transcend fear, into living a life filled with love and possibility! She very much enjoys sharing these practices with others and the process of finding ways to support their healing on their unique life paths. 

Her personal healing journey and desire to learn to help others, has led her to travel various parts of the world to study these alternative healing practices. She has also travelled to teach at many yoga centers, festivals and events throughout the United states, mostly on the West Coast.. Mariah embodies an open & loving presence, which allows her clients and students to feel safe and welcomed. She has watched her own life transform as well as others from beginning the journey with "EFT tapping" and sharing it. The very first time she practiced EFT, she felt "Transfomed" and knew that it was something she was meant to practice and share with others. Mariah's intention is to guide her clients and students to recognizing and returning to the peaceful and empowered center's within themselves. 

From attending Mariah's classes or private Sessions, one may leave feeling Relaxed, Centered and Inspired! She strives to help her clients find what is at the root of their current issue, so they can allow into their hearts and lives what truly serves them on a Soul level. She supports others in connecting with their own healing capacity and spiritual nature.

This Practice of EFT with Sound healing helps to calm the nervous system, allowing her students to be present with their feelings, and can assist them in "letting go and letting love & healing in". Mariah very much enjoys helping others in moving through old patterns and hurts, and opening hearts to the healing powers within! She believes in Love being the true medicine here and that no matter what a person's situation is, deep healing is possible. She experiences this within herself and others. Her primary focus is to share this gift of eft tapping, to support healing on physical, emotional & spiritual levels. She often will include, Sound healing & Reiki, Theta, or Cranial as well in a given session, all depending on what is needed.

Mariah has extensive experience travelling to teach at various events and festivals. At many of these events, she brings her geodessic dome, creates altars and ambient sacred spaces where she teaches as well as organizes other classes, workshops & musical offerings. This space is a nourishing place people can come to, to connect, find healing and center within themselves. She teaches at Retreats as well and currently resides on some beautiful land in the North West where she is preparing to host healing retreats. She was interviewed by Brandon at Life Coach Path.

Let us Nurture the Soul and Awaken the Heart!



"With a sterling voice and knowledge of yoga, EFT and sound healing, Mariah shines brightly as a teacher, performer and healer. Her monthly Emotional Freedom Technique and yoga workshop is a favorite at my studio; every student who attends is touched by her presence!" 


Joan Hawley McClainOwner, Riverbed Yoga 






   ~ Love Is the Answer!