Emotional Freedom!

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to Love and Nurture yourself! The main intent of this site is to share the wonderful and Amazing tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), among the other healing practices I share. EFT is a healing modality that has positively transformed my life and continues to, as well as many others throughout the world. Here's a short Video from the Founder, which shares peoples testimonials on how EFT helped to postively change and bring healing to their lives.

Here are a few reasons why EFT is such a powerful healing modality;

~Tapping can help us transform through old patterns of worry, doubt, anxiety or negative thinking.

~It may help you let go of & move through past traumas, wounds, and various forms of physical & emotional "dis-ease" or illness. 

~EFT works to release stress from the body & mind (helping with anxiety & depression) and may help to provide the energy needed to bring into your life your hearts true desires.

This magical work, Emotional Freedom Techniquehelps us find true love for ourselves and clear negative thinking patterns, so that we are able to live a life of joy and inspiration! When the brain is in a perpetual state of fight or flight, it may be difficult for you to be getting what it is you want in life. EFT helps to calm the nervous system and get in touch with what may be the underlying cause of a current block or issue in our lives. Tapping helps us to be present in our body's and bring healing to those places that feel beyond repair, with unconditional love and Acceptance.

Tapping can support us in healing our relationships, including intimate relationships, and our relationship to ourself. Many have found substantial benefit financially using EFT, as well as with losing weight, eliminating addictions, freeing oneself from anxiety and stress disorders, and the list goes on.. I've found that EFT can help to clear the energetic/emotional "goo" that may be in the way of us getting what we really want in our life.

Emotional Freedom Technique helps bring us to the present moment. It can support us in allowing deep forgiveness and love to areas that are hard and feel heavy or distraught. It supports a clearing of energy and an opening of meridian chanels, which then can support your individual healing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. You may notice that there is more free flowing energy in your body and therefore in your life. EFT helps to in a sense, "retrain" the mind to embrace what is. In return, life can become more fluid and less rigid and what you are wanting for your life comes easier, because there is less Resistance and more Acceptance.

I am very grateful to share this work with you and believe that the healing potential lies within. There is Always a solution for us to come back to the heart, to love, and find healing! Whether that be on an emotional.. physical or spiritual levels. EFT can help us to create shifts that we want in life in a very accessible and powerful way.

If you’re ready to start releasing emotions and free yourself from pain you've been experiencing, I invite you to send me an email and book a Skype, phone , or in person, session today. Sessions offered via skype (or google, messenger) are very productive and are beautifully simple. I'd be honored to do this work together. If you have any questions about EFT or are interested in a session you can email me through the website under the contact article at the top of the page. Please refer to the page, Emotional Freedom Technique, on this site to get more detailed information about EFT and its benefits.

You are not alone in your healing Journey! We are all here exploring life, healing, pain & suffering, joy and renewal. When you heal, a part of me heals and vice versa. We're connective beings, here to heal together. My goal is to help you obtain satisfaction in your life, transform in what ways are highest and best for you and to refind that Joy and Peace within, that is inherent to your being.

With Love and Many blessings,

Mariah Ambika





"I am so grateful to have the pleasure of doing EFT sessions with Mariah Amibika. EFT was very healing for me. It allowed me to feel my pain while also transcending it. The hypnotic aspect of it was important for me since I'm in my head a lot. It allowed me to enter my body more and let the teachings reach me on a deeper, cellular level. Mariah is very compassionate, understanding, and non-judgemental. She has a wonderful way of listening and then giving what you need most. She is a very talented practitioner and healer and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel better emotionally, break through life patterns, or just have someone to talk to."


Jonathon Gudstadt, Baytrix Web